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The Lazy Mon Ends It's Time at Stanford's in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

As you’ve seen from our video announcement earlier this week, changes are coming to Puerto Viejo, and more specifically for everyone who has been a part of the Lazy Mon journey to date.

It’s a funny thing about endings. They evoke both excitement and sadness. Both a hesitation of the unknown and a fresh energy for what’s to come.

They say that all good things must eventually come to an end. It is our deepest hope that the last 8+ years have left a positive impact through our part in helping to revitalize the Puerto Viejo tourism and food and beverage scene.

They also say time flies when you’re having fun—and friends, fun we have had.

From epic concerts to intimate jam sessions and holiday parties for the kids (thanks Santa!) to Super Bowl parties, we have strived to become an epicenter of quality fun, food and entertainment for both locals and tourists enjoying the gorgeous Caribbean we have been blessed to call home for so many years.

At the end of the day we were just 6 friends who simply “went for it” and decided to open a bar in Costa Rica. All of us—Khalil, Niki, Abasi, Krysta, Darryl and Rocky—lent individual strengths that turned LM from just another beach bar that gringos were trying to open, into something that has literally gone down in the travel books as a “must stop” when in this little slice of paradise.

And if we’re being honest, it hasn’t always been easy… not that we expected it to be… but the “other” kind of hoops to jump through dimmed our shine for a bit. Dealing with unsavory troublemakers, losing friends to senseless acts, fighting the government for any number of ridiculous reasons. But we pushed on. One beer at a time. One Lazy Days Burger. One new employee. One updated policy. One new idea after another to fuel our passion.

In the last almost 9 years, we have grown ourselves—individually and also within our own families. Two of our children were born here. We have explored new interests and honed new skills. We have made friendships and connections with people from across the world that we otherwise may have never met. We worked tirelessly to better ourselves, Lazy Mon and each other.

And now the time has come to do something with those newfound passions and skills. To take a leap in the direction of something different and exciting and terrifying and unknown. Entrepreneurship is addicting in the very best ways and we can’t wait to continue to share our LM adventures with you in whatever fashion it may be… and also to support one another in their individual business ventures as they come.

To the MANY employees we’ve had over the last 8+ years, we wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you for growing with us and beside us as we navigated unchartered territories. Thank you for digging in during the craziest of Open Jams to keep the drinks coming. Thank you for everyone who picked up beer bottles, rocked out delicious food, stocked shelves, counted inventory, cleaned the bathrooms and sometimes, just told us to go sit down in the office for a second to breathe. Your contributions to LM have never gone unnoticed or appreciated… and we wish the best for every single one of you, past and present.

And finally, to our guests. Whether you just stopped in for a Tica Rita once on the way back from the bus stop or you became an instant friend and stayed for weeks/ months/ years, your presence made us better. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU to everyone that has been a part of making Lazy Mon one of the greatest places to grab a cold beer, listen to insanely talented musicians and enjoy the beauty that is a Puerto Viejo sunset from our patio.

It’s not goodbye… it’s see ya soon. And until the final day we close our doors on August 18th, you better believe there will be more epic shenanigans to celebrate one of the greatest chapters in our lives.

Written By Krysta Chapman

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